Date & time: Wed, January 25, 2014 - 15:00
Duration / timezone: 1 hour / Central European Time
Moderators: Egbert Baake (University of Hannover)

In this course the physical and technical basics of induction heating processes and technologies will be explained. During the introduction the author will demonstrate along typical features of induction heating, why today induction heating is used in many industrial processes. In the first part of this course the physical basics will be discussed by explaining the fundamental equations. The most important features of induction heating, like skin effect, penetration depth, proximity effect, Joule heat effect, induced current and power density distribution in the workpiece and the effect of electromagnet forces as well as the influence of electromagnetic field guiding systems will be discussed along selected examples. In the second part of this course the author explains, how the electrical efficiency of an induction heating process depends on the design of the induction heating system and how the frequency of the inductor current has to be chosen in order to get the desired temperature distribution in the workpiece but at the same time a high efficient induction heating process. In the following the physical principle of induction longitudinal and transverse flux heating of flat material we be shown. At the end of this course using an example of an induction through heating application, a typical energy flow diagram will be explained and potentials for improvements will be discussed. The recapitulation of the most important features of induction heating processes and technologies will conclude this course.

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