Date & time:Wed, October 15, 2014 - 15:00
Duration / timezone: 1 hour / Central European Time
Moderators: Baskar Vairamohan (EPRI)

Foundries in U.S. use ladles to transfer molten metal from the melt operation to cast operation. Currently, gas and oil firing are the most common method of drying and heating of refractory lined ladles, tundishes, soaking pits and various furnaces in steel mills and other small and big foundries. Convective heating for heating the refractory linings can be achieved by using dedicated burner setups for ladles and tundishes. However, this method has very low efficiency, in the order of 5-25%. Alternatively, electric ladle pre-heating offers many advantages over the current methods. In this webcast, the current practices used in foundries for pre-heating ladles, some of the disadvantages of the current practices, and few potential solutions to improve efficiency of this process will be covered.

This webinar is now past, but the recording & slides can be obtained from the link below:

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